Responsible Recycling

One of the first and most forward-facing sustainability initiatives the public will notice about your organization will be your recycling program. Many factors must work together in order for your efforts to be successful. A vendor to collect the materials, easily recognizable and accessible recycling receptacles, and committed staff are just a few components of … More Responsible Recycling

2017 Dodge the Dump

The final week of classes are an exciting and busy time at Georgia College, especially for our students. They are conquering their finals, signing up for summer classes, lining up jobs, and, of-course, moving out of their dorm rooms. Unfortunately, the move-out process generates a lot of waste; and not all of it is trash. … More 2017 Dodge the Dump

RecycleMania 2017 Has Begun

Georgia College (GC) has entered the RecycleMania 2017 competition. Beginning in January of 2001 between just two schools, Ohio University and Miami University, RecycleMania (Fig. 1) now includes the voluntary participation of schools across the United States and Canada. RecycleMania is not only a competition but also a benchmarking tool which occurs over an eight-week … More RecycleMania 2017 Has Begun

Saving the Planet, One Cardboard Box at a Time

In an effort to further GCSU’s sustainability awareness and effectiveness, nine different recycling stations were set up in convenient locations on the one day of the year when Georgia College’s waste output is significantly upped: move in day. In the sweltering heat, roughly 18 selfless, charitable volunteers manned the stations and spent the day flattening cardboard … More Saving the Planet, One Cardboard Box at a Time